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    From the beginning of this year, visa issuance had been suspended at Japan Embassies and...
    Visa period of "Designated Activities" or "Temporary Visitor" visa due to difficulties in...
    From June 1, 2022, there has been some changes in the required documents for permanent residence...
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    Visa Application

    Certificate of Eligibility   〜¥150,000

    Changing Visa       〜¥130,000 

    Permanent Residence   〜¥150,000

    Visa Extension       〜¥100,000

    Permission to Engage in Other Activities

    Re-entry Permit

    Certificate of Authorized Employment


    Notarization of Documents


    Business License 

    Secondhand Dealer License ¥50,000〜

    Liquor License Application  ¥150,000〜

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    First Consultation by e-mail is FREE!

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