• Government Relations, Business License, Visa and Immigration in Japan

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    鎌倉 覚子 

    Satoko Suzanne Kamakura

    Certified Visa Specialist


    Born in Guam

    Bachelor of Law, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo), 2005

    Passed the Gyoseishoshi Exam in 2011

    Certified as Immigration Lawyer

    TOEIC 990, in 2015

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    Government Relations, Business License, Visa and Immigration in Japan
    Visa and Immigration

    Currently, there are 29 types of visas in Japan.

    We file application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE), changing visa, and visa extension at the Immigration in Japan for the following visas.

    ・Working Visa:

    Highly Skilled Professionals

    Engineer•Specialist in Humanities•International Services

    Company Transferee

    Investor (Operation or Management of Business)

    Artist (Musician, artist, dancer)

    Entertainment (Actor, model, and musician)


    Legal/ Accounting Services (Attorneys and accountants)


    Religious Activities

    Medical Services (Doctor, nurse, and medical staff)

    Care-worker (Licensed in Japan)

    Skilled Labor (Chef, ski instructor)

    Specified Skilled Labor

    ・Other Visas:

    Spouse of Japanese, Child of Japanese

    Long-term Resident

    Permanent Resident

    Dependent Visa (Spouse, child)

    Incorporation, Establishment of Branch Office in Japan.

    Business Licenses to operate in Japan.

    Incorporation(including Kabushiki Kaisha, Godo Kaisha)

    Business License(including Restaurant License, Liquor License, and Second Hand Dealer License)

    Translation of legal documents.

    (English to Japanese, Japanese to English)

    Translation of documents including contracts, agreements, Certificate of Registry, Birth Certificate, and Resume/CV.

    Notarization of documents at Notary Office

  • Fees


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    Visa Application

    Certificate of Eligibility   〜¥150,000

    Changing Visa       〜¥130,000 

    Permanent Residence   〜¥150,000

    Visa Extension       〜¥100,000

    Permission to Engage in Other Activities

    Re-entry Permit

    Certificate of Authorized Employment


    Notarization of Documents


    Business License 

    Secondhand Dealer License ¥50,000〜

    Liquor License Application  ¥150,000〜

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